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Terms & Policies of Transaction Services

We look forward to helping grow your business!

Our primary goal is to help you save time, meet new clients and grow your business.  To make this goal a reality, we need to establish that we're on the same page and the goal is mutual.

A typical transaction has (give or take) 100+/- tasks associated with it.  We as TC's are committed to all, but 3 (+1) of these:

  1. The Agent ALWAYS Negotiates the Win for their client.  We will never negotiate any part of your transactions for you.

  2. The Agent Drafts the Win for their clients.  We will copy/past content to generate forms as needed, but we will never author/scribe your terms of contracts on your behalf.

  3. The Agent Manages Their Own Calendar.  Our realm is file management.  We can schedule pre-arranged appointments and will send details via email or online forms only.  The Agent is responsible for providing the what/when/with whom.

+1:  The Agent has the responsibility to own any and all tasks they want done outside of normal business hours.  We work when escrow works.  Email and phone requests can always be submitted - 24/7 - with the understanding that we will respond and/or complete these requests within business hours, which can mean the following business day.

Our Services

We process Full Service Open-to-Close Transaction Files, Compliance Only Services and MLS Listing Input Only  (contact us for a price sheet)

  • Full Service Open-to-Close Transactions Services include all necessary transaction tasks and steps, along with a few signature additions.

    • Full Document Review and maintenance

    • Compliance File Generation, Upload & Maintenance within Brokerage Compliance Systems

    • Generation & facilitation of MLS Change Orders, disclosures and Commission Instructions

    • One Sheet Transmittal Generation

    • MLS Status changes - Seller(s) (*if permitted by the brokerage)

    • Full Transaction Coordination Services through Post-Close

      • Open Escrow

      • Send informative email templates to/for all parties throughout the transaction with custom

      • (Home Inspector List, Home Warranties, Utility Contacts, etc)

      • Contingency Timeline / Milestone updates

      • HOA & CC&R Facilitation

      • Home Warranty Orders (Seller orders with New Listings; Buyer orders with Pending Transactions)

      • Regular Compliance Updates

      • Preliminary Title Report Findings Review

      • Digital Inspection Scheduling

      • Signing Appointment Updates

      • Facilitation of all executed documents to clients upon closing

      • Post-Possession Release Facilitation (as needed)

    • Management of Personal Agent Google Drive Folder for full compliance access at any time

    • Escrow Customer Service Package Orders (upon request)

    • Open-to-Close File Services are billed at closing, upon notification of Final Compliance Completion. 

      • *Please Note: if our TC fee is to be paid out of Escrow upon closing, we will still manage the file through compliance completion.

    • We guarantee our work through Post-Closing for any additional items that may be needed for the file beyond Close of Escrow, including last-minute Compliance updates.

  • MLS Listing Data Entry Services (if permissible by your brokerage) include extensive background research for your property listing, utilizing online resources to get accurate, detailed information for your MLS Data Input.

    • Our MLS Listing Specialist provides a detailed description of all information for Agent review

    • Upon entry to the MLS, notification is sent to the agent for file review and data acceptance.

      • We will never make your listing live for you, as the content provided must be Agent verified for accuracy on behalf of the Client.  If details of the property are different from the information provided, it is strictly within the Agent’s purview to correct this information prior to listing it on the Multiple Listing Service.

      • MLS Data Entry Services may be subject to Brokerage restrictions.  If prohibited by the brokerage, we must - and will - decline to provide this service with respect to the Brokerages wishes.

    • If utilizing this service as part of the Full Service Open-to-Close Transaction Management option, MLS Listing Data Input can be added at a discounted rate of $50 per entry.  If utilizing MLS Listing Data Input outside of our Transaction Management services, the cost is $75.00.

  • Compliance Only File Services are available for Agents who wish to manage their own client/property files, but would like assistance with the Brokerage compliance management.  No Transaction Coordination is provided with this option.

    • We review files for errors and omissions and notify Agents of required corrections

    • We generate and maintain the Brokerage Compliance File through close of escrow, uploading Fully Executed documents only

    • We provide detailed communications throughout the transaction period of what items are received and what is missing

    • Compliance Only files are billed at closing, upon notification of Final Compliance Completion

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